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How can I add a new language to my SiteBuilder website?

  1. Click on the Settings button in the vertical menu to your left Settings
  2. In the Settings menu, go to the Languages tab. Here you will see two sections.Languages
    1. The first section, Site Languages, adds or removes language versions to your websiteSite languages
    2. The second section, Editor Language, allows you to change the settings language, so you feel more confident while navigating in the backend.editor language
  3. To add a new language to the website, click on the +Add buttonAdd
  4. In the expanded menu select your language of preferenceSelect a language
    1. Make sure the option ‘Use existing content from another language?’ is set on Yes. That will copy your setup from your existing language to your new language – images, layout, fonts, etc. You will just have to translate some of the texts, headers and buttons.Use existing content from another language?
  5. Click on Submit to apply your settingsSubmit
  6. Click on the Save icon at the top right to save your changes. Do not Publish your website yetSave
  7. Depending on the theme you are using, you will now find a language switch in a particular location on your site. Switch between the languages, and translate your content until your site is fully bilingual.Switch languages
    1. Tip: You will find some content, such as a contact form, may be already translated.

    Contact form EN Contact form NLContact form FR

  8. Click on Publish to apply the change from the backend to the frontend of your site.Publish
Updated on 3 September 2020

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